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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
                              - Benjamin Franklin, Freemason


If I join a Masonic lodge, will I be a
member of the Masonic Club?
No, you must first petition to join a
lodge (each group or club of freemasons
is called a "lodge") and then upon
attaining your first degree
(Freemasonry offers three initial degrees)
you may join the Masonic Club.

What is freemasonry?
Freemasonry has been called many things
(some untrue and unflattering) but, in
short, freemasonry is a system of learning
designed to make good men better men.
Spirituality is a part of freemasonry but it
is not a religion.

I'm interested in freemasonry, where
can I learn more?

Express your interest to a Freemason that
you already know, visit the Masonic Club,
and introduce yourself to a Freemason who
will be happy to talk with you or visit the
lodges section of this website and contact
one of Singapore's many lodges.


Freemasonry in Singapore officially began in 1845
on Armenian St.
The Masonic temple on Coleman Street was constructed in 1879.
Sir Stamford Raffles was a Freemason.


Singapore freemasonry generally follows one of
three constitutions being English, Irish or Scottish. There are slight differences in the rituals used depending on the constitution.

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